The past May 20 surrendered Volstad Surveyor 08-05-2010

Video del "Volstad Suveryor"This is a support ship rigs and underwater pipelines in maintenance.

"volstad surveyor" is an Offshore 85 m in length and equipped with sophisticated equipment, such as a 75-ton crane 11 m and launch and recovery underwater vehicles ROV systems. The vessel is equipped with two thrusters of 2,200 kW, two cross-bow propeller 1,150 kW and a retractable third of 1400 kW reaching an altitude of Dynpos AUTR DNV.
This project strengthens the position of Freire as a builder of high technological value Offshore vessels.

The ship off-shore will be for the Norwegian Casemaker Volstad Shipping, which intended it to support platforms for oil extraction.

It is the second offshore ending Vigo, company after Geowave Commander, an earthquake of high technological content delivered in 2006. The ceremony took place in the morning in the presence of the owner and the shipyard responsible. The godmother of the ship was Wenche Gjosund.

Volstad Surveyor is specifically designed for the transport of underwater robots to oil platforms, with a length of 85,3 m and a sleeve of 75 metres. Freire has advanced two twins, ships of 100 metres in length, for Norwegian firm G.C.Rieber, also for the business off-shore. The average price of a ship of such round between 70 and 80 million euros.


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Hay video de este barco ??
Podria subirlo a you tube ??
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Hola anónimo
Pues no te puedo complacer, no le saque vídeo, me enfrasque en sacar muchas fotos pero me olvide de hacerle un vídeo, es una pena.
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